Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Upgraded to 4 x T5HO all Aquazonic 12000k tubes

I upgraded to the light system to 4 x T5HO from Aquazonic 12000k tubes, special thanks to Shun Kun  for the contribution...

I find the lights working great although one of the tube flickers a bit..generally OK..
The important thing i manage to discover that a myth among aquascapers seems true... 6500K lights are indeed better for Pearling and maybe photosynthesis for aquatic plants.

My new toy...from Shun Kun

Hehe, i just leave the Riccia on DW for some sun bathing..LOL

Above are the effect of the lights on 4 x t5ho (all 12000k lights) for 1 hour, can you see how miserable is the pearling? 

With a break of 3 hours in between, i changed my ONE 6500k tube into the light fixture. my experiment restarted... waited for 1 hour to see the effects of the new lights

Above is the effect of 4x T5HO ( 3x12000k and 1x6500k) for one hour

Can you see the difference of the numbers of o2 pearls? imagine if i have 4x 6500k tube.. the result may be better? hehe that is for my next experiment... Seaview here i come.... lol

 Above is a video of the actual pearling of riccia which i took using my cheapo camera.. special poison for those low tech guys who are reading this now. The quality was compressed by Blogspot, sorry for the blurly video

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