Friday, 6 April 2012

Riccia's Growth

Hi all, A friend of mine was wondering how fast can riccia grow in my tank, well lets see it for yourself.
This my Riccia dated 25/3/2012

This is my riccia dated 5/4/2012

They sure grow fast... hehe, under high light + CO2, they grown into a lawn and all the lines are covered..hopefully i can harvest some in 2 weeks time and sell off some healthy Riccia in forum...hehe 


  1. Hi Stanley.. nice job there! beautiful riccia. What fert did you dose?

  2. Last time i dosed EI, currently i dose Seachem Flourish...:) so far so good managed to sell a lot in AQ forum... RICCIA is not a fert demanding plant, but a CO2/light demanding plant... fast growth