Monday, 12 March 2012

My Simple DW Scape Part 1

The New DW for my new tank..still no name for this tank yet..Soaked for few days before i really cannot tahan and start the tank almost right away...

This is the first time for me to try out ADA Amazonia New Soil.. the infamous aquascaping soil... i heard its the best of the best... no harm to give it a try
oh man the DW is BIG!! lol i almost ran out of space in this tank

Second shot with lights on to get a feel of the tank

Kopi O...LOL i think i stir up the soil too much

the next day...added some plants like hornwarts, Brazillian Micro swords.
I used my good old Eden to cycle the tank as my new Atman DF700 is still cycling in my Main Tank, i want to build up Beneficial Bacteria within the Atman filter prior putting in this tank.
Tested water parameters..PH5, Ammonia 5

Planted the Microswords and added some polysperma into the tank(left hand side). It really ugly man... the polysperma i bought is too little as 1 only manage to secure 1 pot of it. 
In case anyone who read this don't know, the upturn plastic bottle is a DIY "K1 Reactor" which suppose to hasten the Nitrogen cycle. It may look ugly but i works...

I added a sponge filter to further polish the water although the water is crystal clear..heheh extra filter won't hurt anyway

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