Wednesday, 31 July 2013

New LFS in Woodlands Area " Polyart"

Hoho, i found out there is a new LFS in woodlands area today... go there direct after work...

For those who are not familiar with woodlands area, it just a short walk from Marsiling MRT.. when i mean short walk, its only around 3-4 mins walk.

My review of the shop

Spacious, clean , sufficiently stocked with aquarium and fish stuff, around 6 big tanks and 2 racks dedicated  to aquatic plants. easy access from Marsiling MRT. Stuffs are decently priced (some items slightly higher than y618, some items are same price though) ... location, it win a lot of LFS hands down



The shop apparently changed hands... currently renamed to Polyart.


  1. should be marsiling , not sembawang mrt

  2. haha, i made a silly mistake, corrected it

  3. Hi Stanley,What is your Email?I have afew questions to ask you and need your advice =)

    1. hi anonymous, you can ask question in AQ or in the chatroom.

  4. Went there last last week.
    Nice concept, probably the first air-conditioned shop (that i can feel the air con) i've been to.

    A tad more expensive than SV or Y618. Some of the plants are pretty interesting.

    Shop keeper says the shrimps will be in the next 2 weeks!

    1. WOOOOOW... great news, thanks for sharing...

    2. i checked last week... only have ghost shrimps for sale...sigh

  5. Wew..... I am going there this week end ....

  6. very good shop, i bought super cheap 10 cherry shrimp for $7 and HC for $5.
    it have quite a few display tank showing very cool aquascaped tanks and even one paludarium
    with an unknown fish lying on the ground motionless like a mudskipper but bigger \ ^.^/ and the paludarium also have some mist effects and waterfalls.

    a malay mother and her son saw some brine shrimp and the the son was curious what it is,
    the boss immediately elaborate brine shrimp as fish food and even toss in some brine shrimp to
    one of the fish tank to showcase it.

    all the customers seems to know the boss and talk to him like they are regular customers,
    regular customers = good shop

    the boss was very friendly and all smiles.
    defintely one of the better fish shops in singapore

  7. does the shop have Tropica stuff?