Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My DSLR camera??? LOL where i find the Money oh??

After sharing this blog in AQ, some friends asked me what camera i am using and some even thought i was using a DSLR or mirrorless camera ( i take that as a compliment for my skills.. wahaha... pls don't throw rocks at me...esp those who uses DSLR)

For those who know me... i am a poor guy staying in wululand, so i have to use my cheapo camera....TA DAH!!! the infamous PANASONIC DMC- L585

In fact, this camera was a free gift by Panasonic Malaysia 2 years back when i bought their Plasma TV... hehe.. not too bad for a cheapo camera to produce the pictures i shown in the blog eh.... hehe

Actually in reality, I took more than 50 shots and chose the nicest ones from the bunch, a lot of the pictures are out of focus or over/under exposed..sometimes i see myself in the reflection of the glass tank, most of the time I was laughed by my dearest wife as i keep on taking pictures of the tank.. sigh what to do?? have to take some record of the plants growth and share here..hehe

So to share my trick for taking pictures of aquarium:-

1) Trial and error:- take tonnes of pictures
2) Hold your breath during snapping of pictures (Less shaky)
3) Switch "On" only the tank lights and close doors,windows and make the room as dark as possible to minimize reflection from the tank
4) Try to use those continuous shot function of the camera
5) Get a better camera if none of above works...LOL

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