Friday, 9 March 2012

Journey of Red Earth 26/09/2011

My Tank when it firstly arrive at my house

The driftwoods I looked high and low around SG, soaked for few days 

Some Spikey moss i bought from a Bro in AQ

Thought of making a jungle scape after a volcano eruption..hehe
Laid 2 types of sand, Lapis sand at the sides and Red clay sand in the middle(red earth)
bought 4 big lava stones

Agak² set up the plants locations
Plants list
1)Java Fern
2) Anubias Nana
3) Crepto Wenditi
4) Hornwarts

After filling up with water...this was after i wash the sands for 3 times

close up view

Put in the DW tied with spikey moss into the tank... looking good..hehe..the water almost cleared after 1 day 

made some significant changes to me tank, added some red plants and changed the background oyama paper from blue to black (commented by my beloved wife)
the water was milky again due to my itchy hand syndrome
Added some red ludwigia Plants in the front as focal point

Top view of my tank

Front view of the tank

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