Friday, 9 March 2012

Restarting of a long stopped hobby 28/08/2011

I am a fan of keeping small fishes like guppy and neons since young, where fishes are consider cheap and we can actually net some fish from the drains outside our houses in JB...

After working in sg for few years, I planned to restart this hobby again...By luck, i picked up a nano tank from the rubbish dump, my guess was it was previously used to keep hamster and the tank is in pretty good condition

As you can see this tank is in pretty good shape, i went to the LFS to get the following items

1) Black Quartz  sand
2) DW
3) Java Moss
4) Marimo
5) Java Fern (windelov)
6) 50 pcs of Neons...yes 50 pcs...sold at 8 dollar for all of the neons... i can't resist the price..LOL
7)Some guppies

I changed to a 2 feet tank after 1 month as i find maintaining 50+ fish in a small tank is very tedious as they are poo masters...hehe no casualty eventhough i shift them into the new tank RED EARTH...i have good luck with neon tetras...hehe

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