Monday, 12 March 2012

My SImple DW Scape Part 5

Finally I added the Rotala Indica into my scape.. i also shifted the Polysperma Rosa..they seems to be fast grower.. but they keep on floating..I used weights to hold them down in the soil

Close up of the scape... see 2 platys?? hehe its FOC from Mr F

Finally, my scape is done... but i am still waiting for the Brazillian Microsword to spread..they seems stunned

Final Information

Tank Size:
2 feet(L) x 1 feet(W) x 1.5 feet (h)

ADA Amazonia New
ADA Power Sand

Brazillian Microswords
Polysperma Rosa
Ploysperma (unknown)
Rotala Indica
Flame Moss
Weeping Moss


Atman DF700
Aquazonic 4 x 24 watts 8 hours per days
Co2 with Solenoid 2-3 Bps

2 Platy 
14 Malayan Shrimp
3 Yamato Shrimps

Part 6 of the tank

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