Thursday, 15 March 2012

Easy to Care Plants

I get this question quite often, what are the easy to care plants...especially for low tech tanks

For beginner, i would always recommend at least 1- 2 watts of lights per gallon (wpg). Try not to keep RED plants in low tech tanks,LOL however, some brownish red plants are generally OK

Fertilizer regime is pretty standard for low tech plants...follow the instructions...LOL don't put too much of fert as you may cause algae and waste you precious Money

Never plant their rhizome( large root/main root) in sand/soil. prone to Green Spot Algae due to their SLOW growth. but they are one of the most popular plant

Anubias barteri
Anubias barteri 'marble'
Anubias nana
Golden nana
Narrow leaf nana
Petite nana aka Mini nana

Ferns are easy to care plants, general notes: NEVER bury its roots in substrate

Java fern
Windelov fern/ Malaysia fern
Philippine Java Fern
African Water Fern - Bolbitis heudelotii

They are easy to grow, with ample lights, they will survive very well, best if tie on DW or rocks

Pelia aka German Seaweed aka Subwassertang
Mini Pelia

Generally all types of Moss are easy, tie them strand by strand to maximize grow and to eliminate areas which might not receive lights. Note to trim them often or the inner part may become brown and die off
Java moss
Spikey moss
Singapore moss
Christmas moss
Weeping moss

Root Plants
Prefer to plant then with soil aquarium soil or at least a sand based substrate
Crypt Wendtii
Crypt Balansae
Pygmy Crypt
Downoi ( needs high GH)
Microswords- brazilian
Pygmy chain sword;- E-tennelus
Vallisneria series

Stem Plant
The list here are fairly easy stem plants, my favourite are Hygrophila Polysperma and hornworts

Hygrophila polysperma
Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig'
Pond Weed

Below is the common website i use to search for plants requirement before i buy them off shelf

Disclaimer:- I am not related to any sales related websites/ taking commission from them.

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