Monday, 12 March 2012

Atman DF700

Forgot to Introduce My New Toy... Atman DF700 bought from NA at 75 bucks... a bit overpowering  but i rather to be overpowered than underpowered 

Na selling a reasonable price and giving 2 years warranty... WOW, where can you get sucha great deal for a china made filter? 

I did asked around for alternative filter for eheim, as eheim seems to priced me out...LOL..atman comes into the picture as most LFS does not give any warranty for china made products, i wonder how come NA gives a 2 years warranty on this product...hmm.. grab then think lah..

This filter works great!! easy primming, fast disconnect for easy cleaning... with full media... worth every penny... most importantly, it is silent... my aquarium fan is more noisy than it...:) happy buyer

I tested the flow rate with full media, its actually 500ltrs/hr instead of the written 820ltrs/hr... it seem i put too much media and sponge in it...LOL

So do take note all the flowrate written on any filter are all based on empty filter... so if you load the filter full like me, the flowrate suffers...

That is why a lot of people tend to oversize their filter, for me is around 8-10 times of the capacity of the aquarium...hehe more is better as filter will be less efficient due to wear and tear as as years goes by...


  1. after reading it i went to buy the same one today at the same place too! how do u adjust the flowrate? need to buy an extra 'tap'?

  2. Hi Mr Low, there is no valve to adjust the flow, if the flow is too high, i would suggest you add a prefilter before it or add a lot of filter wool into the filter...

    adding a valve restricting the flow might cause the motor to overwork..

    DF700 is more for 2.5-3 feet tank i think,I am being kiasu..haha but i did add a lot of filter wool to lower the flow rate...currently works fine...:)

  3. Hi Stanley, I am very thankful of your blog and information thus far :):)

    I was wondering what sort of parameters should I use to calculate the kind of flow rate needed for my tank? How do I know which flow rate is optimal? Is there a difference between planted and fauna-only tanks? Thank you for any response :)

  4. Glad to know you like my blog

    Flowrate is normally 6-8times of aquarium capacity. E.g 100L tank need around 600 to 800 L/hr flow rate

    Flowrate also depend on type of fauna. E.g goldfish can't keep up with fast flowrate.

  5. where can I buy this filter in Singapore... any LFS in the west?

  6. Hi, you may try clementi block 328 fishshop.