Saturday, 27 July 2013

Up Aqua Inline SUPER Diffuser

Harlo, time for gadget review again

This time is UP Aqua Inline SUPER Diffuser

I bought this diffuser from online website and find it works well. There is totally no bubbles at all, all co2 should be dissolved properly...hehe not bad not bad..

However, you should take note before you buy this diffuser,

  • You need a canister to use this
  • You need a proper co2 system with 35psi for it to work, anything lower it might not work at all
  • This item is not cheap, around 40-50 in shops, i manage to get lower from online shops though... if it does not work in your tank, it might be a waste of money.
  • the co2 inlet is quite brittle, might break off easily, my friend's diff actually broke off 1 week ago..too bad, but can be epoxy back of course.
  • there are various size available, OPEN your eyes big big and look at the top right hand side behind the packaging for pipe size

1 comment:

  1. Which is newer or better? Up Aqua's Super Diffuser System or New Atomizer System? Where to you buy it from?