Friday, 9 March 2012

Fire Red Shrimps

Due to the unexpected poisoning by AQ members, i venture into the weird hobby of keeping shrimps...

after 2 months of keeping shrimps, the Fire Red Shrimps/ Sakura Shrimps berried and there a a lot of shrimplets (around 20-30 of them)

Berried Mama Shrimps in my satellite breeding tank

as you can see, there are 2 types of colours of eggs...Orange and Green.. both are healthy..i checked online they colours are based on the food the shrimps vege/plants, orange= meat based food
I feed them both types of food

Shrimplet are transparent shrimps...the big white square thing is a ceramic ring.

external satellite box in action


  1. sorry to disturb but can i ask you what is the ceramic ring for?

    and what is the external satelite box for?

    because i am recently into keeping shrimps too

  2. eh, Ceramic Rings is commonly used as BIOMEDIA for beneficial Bacteria to grow.

    The clear box outside the tank is the satellite breeding box, its to separate berried shrimps/shrimplets from the main main tank has predator (Neon Tetras)