Friday, 6 April 2012

How To Tie Moss on Stainless Steel Mesh

Happy Good Friday!!, I am stucked in Sg due to an unforeseeable massive jam of, therefore i have some extra time to post something interesting and helpful for newbies


Grab a SS Mesh
1)Test the mesh using a magnet prior buying. If the magnet sticks to the mesh, it means its not a enough for aquarium or constant soaking of water. General code for SS mesh which can be used for Aquarium/weather-proof is SS316(one of the best and most expensive). The cheaper version is SS304, which is OK for normal use but it willhave orange stains if soak in water for a long period. See your HDB S.S. handrails where there are normally SS304, are there a orange tint on the handrail??

Updates, another top grade of SS which i found out not long ago..SS904, its used to make ROLEX...hahaha, if you want to earn your rolex, you should visit these sites below

2)Wash the prior use:- some have a layer of oil between them to prvent them from sticking together and to ease  separation between layers

3)You can use plastic mesh aka egg crates, mosquito mesh etc, but some plastic mesh or mosquito nets are too filmsy, may not be as nice as SS mesh

Lay your moss a piece at a time and try to arrange them in the same direction if possible. for my case, this are Thai Java moss, extremely hardly( Special thanks for the past contribution of AQ member Yan). 

Lay a second piece of Moss, and continue on till all area are covered

Did you notice I lay them quite loosely as so they can absorb lights and space for them to grow. If you tie to thickly, the underneath parts will brown and rot away...
Now the victim eh moss is ready tie it up with a string of fishing line... I am out of fishing line, so I use the normal cotton thread

Tie from the side and take your time... the key is patience, no need to tie them too nicely as moss will grow and cover the lines in few weeks time

Tah dah... completed..put into your tank, and wait for it to grow...

I posted the result of the grown for my riccia here:- tied to SS mesh, you can see how riccia outgrow the threads eventually.

Fyi, the same method can be used for a variety of moss and a variety of stuffs like driftwoods, bogwoods, rocks, stones.. the application of the mesh is varies, some lay them on the foreground of the tank and it will grow into a nice foreground, great place for fish and shrimps..some use bigger mesh to make a moss wall... 

Some use smaller mesh and tie the moss directly onto DW to create a nice leaves like look... thats what i did for my RED EARTH tank...


  1. Great tutorial! Where did you get your mesh from?

    1. Almost all LFS sells them regularly...:)

      I bought mine from NA, Y618

  2. your blog great tutorial and a good teacher. thanks for sharing this class

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