Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pasir Ris Fish Farms Trip

I cycled to 4 farms today namely Mainland, Hiap Kun, OTF, Tropical, Iwarna ... all i can say is WAH LAU EH... the farms are damn far apart and a lot of hilly road.  most of them sells focus on fish. NOte for cyclist, DO NOT CYCLE with a bike without GEAR... i made that mistake today and damn the roads are hilly... leg pain but its fun..

Thanks to Shun Kun and PJNEC of AQ, I manage to find this all these farms which entertain WALK IN IDIOTS like me, go so far to buy some plants... lol.. however, i can say its an eye opener for me as normally farms do not open to public...its great to visit so many farms in a span of 1-2 hours.. i mainly touch and go.. hehe  

Mainland is somehow like Qian Hu, best for family gathering or trip, fishing pond, resting area, sells food and birthday area not bad...but not much plants to choose from (2 miserable looking tanks) and their fishes are kept in green water(algae) condition..not very nice

Hiap Kun is the smallest of all the farms i visited, they have more small fishes like rams, tetras but their fishes are very healthy, plants are miserable though ..2 tanks with less than 10 plants each.. i think they sell for

OTF only have 6 tanks for plants, but they are very healthy. I did not take pictures as the auntie is LOOKING at me..LOL. they have healthy stock of rocks, driftwoods and bog wood..too bad i cant take too many pictures with all the aunties looking at me...i know i am a bit attractive and macho..too bad la, that is the irony for looking good...LOL

Tropical are decent and they sell jelly fish...yes, live jelly fish.. but they are quite expensive to keep..for me i stick to fish and plants.... tropical have 2 tanks selling plants and they focus on equipment and tanks... tonnes of rocks but nothing catches my eyes...i like fish aka NGIAU..LOL

Iwarna have ample parking, drinks and food for sale, 2-3 fishing ponds, a lot of Marine stuff and corals... hehe not too bad.. as you can see below, thats how the aquatic plants grow before they were sold in LFS... hehe. 

OTF Pics

Iwarna ponds

Some plants are grown emerge

Vallisneria Plants

Some Floating plants

Tonnes of Vivarium Plants

My favourite spot... hehe aquatic plants... 

Tropical ;- jelly fish

Notes: Equipment are sold at a higher price than LFS, if you are hunting for equipment its better to go LFS, for exotic plants its better to go to fishfarms

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