Sunday, 15 March 2015

Cherry Shrimps

I saw a nice post from . It shows gradings of Cherry Shrimps... well all Neocaridina davidi var. red  are really just cherry shrimps ( wild colour is brown)... they develop nicer red/yellow/green/orange/ brown through selective breeding and culling. Due to the effort, their price also goes higher.Below is the extract of the post in case the post is deleted due to whatever reason. Credits to

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Well how much do they cost locally in SG? ( not updated regularly)
Cherry :- 50pcs for S$10-12, S$10 for 6-8 bucks
Sakura:- 10pcs for S$12-15 bucks
Fire red:- 1pcs  for S$ 1.50 - 3 bucks
Painted red/ bloody mary:- not readily available price hard to estimate

So, do you think a tiny shrimp really worth that much of money? to me...well IMHO the answer is definitely a NO. I will only buy cherry shrimps in bulk as they are just algae crew to me, selective breeding and culling is too much work for a hardworking person like me lol... well i don't cull, i worry about karma..:)

Extracted from Good write up:)

How to Grade your Cherry Shrimp

Over time, the grading of some of the offspring of your red cherry shrimp might look different. This is from dominant and recessive genes, or commonly known as mutation. When trying to grade your shrimp, there is somewhat of a standard chart nowadays for cherry shrimp to give you an idea of how pure your little shrimplets are. You can see from the chart below how a low grade cherry can have a HUGE difference compared to a Painted Fire Red Shrimp (which is also a cherry shrimp).
Why are these higher grades more valuable?

Well just like anything, it’s all about supply and demand – well, actually more about rarity. Breeding a red cherry shrimp grade to painted fire is extremely difficult for hobbyists that are just starting out. You need a lot of tanks to be able to selectively breed the most prominent shrimp together, creating a better strain of color. But throughout the process, you are able to sell your culled shrimp to other hobbyists for a profit and hopefully upgrade your breeding environment.
How do I get a grade of Painted Fire Red Shrimp?

Of course, everyone wants the most beautiful looking cherry shrimp they can have and there are a couple of ways you can go about getting your own to this grade.
(easy route) Purchase a few higher grade ones and hope they reproduce quickly.
(novice route) Purchase one or two of the higher grade shrimps and introduce them into your colony. Then you will have to start selectively breeding the colony to create your own Painted Red Fire Shrimp
(pro route) Start with standard low grade cherry/sakura shrimp and get really technically with your select breeding. This could take a couple of years before you start seeing Fire Red Grade or hopefully Painted Fire Red.

It really all just depends on your budget and how much time you like to spend on the hobby. The great thing about Red Cherry Shrimp is if you have enough space in the aquarium, they will breed like rabbits. You just want to make sure they are breeding with the most prominent shrimp, which requires selective breeding in different tanks, or breeder boxes.

Cherry Shrimp Grading for Freshwater Shrimp in Aquariums - Red Cherry Shrimp


  1. Hey!

    I'm happy to see my grading daigram still being shared around. I know prices on RCS change all the time (especially with the importers having a huge fungal disease on some of the tanks). All it takes is one infected imported shrimp and bam, the whole colony has it and it's a death clock. So definitely look for home breeders until the whole issue is resolved.

    For your write-up itself. I completely feel you on the price per PFR, I have a bunch of tanks that keep low cherries just to keep the algae at minimal (these are my plant grow out tanks though)

    Anyways, Glad you enjoyed my article and hope this helps others figuring out their grade of shrimp or potentially what they are buying.

    1. HI Jesse, thanks for your effort for creating the simple and easy to understand write up and diagram.