Monday, 18 February 2013

Fish Disease :- Itch aka White Spot

White Spot aka Itch

This is a very very very common fish disease, it is so common that almost all fish keeper will encounter at least few times in their hobby... 

What is White Spot?

Look at your fish carefully, do exhibit below behavior/ action?
  • Have small white coloured spots on their body:- see below pictures
  • stop swimming around
  • scratching themselves against hardscapes/decorations
  • loss of appetite
  • swimming slowly and panting

Below are my fishes which caught this disease

Is it dangerous? 

To fish yes, they may die off if there is no treatment in time. 

How did my fish caught this G*D D@mn disease?

It is said that all fishes have this disease dormant in their body. The parasites will attack if the fish are stressed out, not feeling well etc.

Please save my FISH!!! 
Kneel down and BEG me, maybe then i will consider to help you...wahahaha...just joking, please do no kneel down in front of your computer.

The item you need are
1) blue methylene aka "Blue lotion'' selling in LFS, you can get those OF brands to "WTF expensive brands" for me OF ones works great. Dose accordingly and do wc every 3 days. 

You must treat the whole tank and not just the single fish, if you see my picture carefully, the disease started from 1 female endler and spread to others... \

2) Salt, add small amount of salt will helps gill function ... i dose a small teaspoon for my small tank.... there is no specific amount, but i hope you understand you are not trying to make salted fish... small amount will do

3) 29-30 Deg Celsius water temperature, higher temperature actually shortens the lifespan of this parasite. SEA temperature are normally around this temperature, so no worries...:)

4) Aeration, this is very very important. some fish may suffocate due to infection to gills. Aerate your tank if you have not done so....

5) remove any activate carbon, activated carbon will absorb the medicine..render it useless

My fish recovered within 1 week of daily medication, WC every 3 days. Currently my endlers multiplied despite the previous ordeal..If i can cure it, so can you... 


blue methylene: OF brand 1 dollar, WTF brand 20++ dollars
Salt: Ask your MUM
Heater: Not necessary but if you really want to buy, price is around 10-30 dollars for a small 100w aquarium heater
Aeration: Air pump, air tube with air stone: less than 10 bucks

Disclaimer: What works for me may not works for you. Some fish may be too sick to be cured. What we can do is at least provide some medication. Do clean up all the stuff that touches the infected aquarium... you do not want all your aquariums to be blue

Wish you all the best!!! 

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