Tuesday, 6 November 2012

IAPLC Rank #1379...lucky i am not last....:)

The result for IAPLC is OUT!!!!

i am ranked 1379..... not too shabby..at least not last...wahahaha

So now my headache is next rescape.....hmmm what should i do next... any suggestions??


  1. Next challenge for you is to have chiller, 4ft tank, full power scape with exotic plants. I have confident you can make it....lol.

    1. LOL, i am out of space and cash for all those stuff you mentioned...waiting for donation....LOL

  2. Hi...great scape...i'm a noob at planted tanks...i just started a 2x1x1.5 tank with co2 tank and green element leds for plants...i planted hg and some other plqnts which i don't know their names..
    My aim is to get a grass carpet and have some rotalas as a background and maybe some anubias tied onto the dw..problem is, its been abt a month and my grass doesn't seem to grow as well as what i've seen in other people's tanks...
    Lights and Co2 are on together for 10 hrs a day..Co2 is at 3-4 bps...
    Daily dose of NPK by Seachem and 2 days once dose of micros also from seachem...
    Anything wrong with my regime or anything that i can improve...???

    1. Hi, you can contact me using the fb badge... We can chat there

      It takes weeks if not months for plants to grow for my scape...i spend ard 6-10 months for it to mature and grow nice enough to show off...lol

      Your photoperiod is a bit long..8hrs shld be sufficient.

      This hobby is similar to planting bonsai...haha enjoy ah

  3. Hi Wong,
    Nice blog, and thanks for your sharing of information.
    May I know how the lights are being suspended over your DW(driftwood?) scape?

    Soon Hin

    1. the light comes with stand...well it just rest on the side glass panel....