Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Hardy share

I am quite busy with my job, so i did not update the blog that often...hehe below is to share some hardy and nice shrimps which i keep in both my low tech and mid tech tank with following parameters

PH 6-7
GH: 6-8
Temperature: 27-29 (fan cooled)

Yamato Shrimps

 red colour and berried
blue colour cleaning itself

empty shell of yamato... my yamato shrimps is similar size as my neon tetras

Fire Red aka high grade sakura shrimps...or cherry

feasting Hikari algae tabs

feasting cooked long bean...hehe

Malayan Shrimps

these guys are very shy and they change colours now and then, they always hide when i tried to take a picture of them

dark brown malayan shrimp

Notes: all the pictures are taken from my tank, not from the internet.Thus, please have the courtesy to inform me if you wish to reproduce them in any way...:) 

NOTE: I focus more on aquascaping instead of shrimping, a lot of people especially newbies wanted best of both world. To be frank, it is almost impossible, we fertilize the aquarium a lot and thus the parameter will/may not be suitable for expensive and fragile shrimps. You may get away with hardy shrimps like malayan/cherry/ yamato but try other shrimps at your own risk, my advice:- select one you prefer most of have 2 tanks:- 1 aquarium for aquascape and 1 aquarium for shrimps....hehehe or even more tanks ...LOL

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  1. hi, how many shrimps do u recommend to put in a 40L tank?