Wednesday, 11 November 2015

NEW BIRTH....New Scape for 2015

Hi everyone, i finally found some free time to post...

My latest creation is " New Birth...well to celebrate the birth of my daughter Olivia Wong... although she is already 23 months old this year... hahaha

The setup manages to rank 1666 in IAPLC, 328 in IIAC and 115 in AGA 2015.... so this scape marks my last contest scape... i will still rescape but will not enter competition again as its very tiring to source out materials for it.... i hope you guys likes the scape as much as i do,

Tank size:-  60cm x 30cm x 33cm
Lights:- 4 x 24 watts T5HO, 6-8 hours per day
CO2 injection 1-2bps
HC, Moss, Mini Nanas, Staurogyne, ferns, mini reneckii...algae...
Oto, boraras brigittae

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