Monday, 11 November 2013

IAPLC 2013...MY WORLD RANKING is 1230 ( The Serene Mountains)


Truthfully, I was a bit disappointed to know I ranked out of top 1k of IAPLC 2013, but after i saw the IAPLC video of the top rankers... the hell should i be ranked in top This is my first Iwagumi...I am lucky enough to call this successful?

So how does my tank looks like? beauty is in the eyes of the beholder... so i hope you guys like it too

This is my best masterpiece so far... in case you are wondering..its a iwagumi scape with a pond in the middle.....

Riccia ( i do not know where the hell they came from...)
Mini Fissidens
Misc Algae ( on the rocks, yes those are algaes, who say algae is your enemy? nice?)
Flame Moss
Thai Java Moss
Weeping Moss

Neon tetras
Cherry shrimps
Otos ( hidden from view of course)

4 x 24watt T5HO
subsequently EVO LED lights

1-2bps ( drop checker green)

Fertilizer regime
weekly double dosage of Seachem Flourish and sometimes Lushgro ( my lushgro is nearly finish)
Weekly dosage of seachem excel

Simple trimming of HC and Moss,clearing of gsa, waiting for algae ( green BBA) to grow is torturing but the effect is very good ( at least for me)

Special thanks to:-

Uncle Mazlan, Apek Felix, Qingwen Didi, for their valued opinions to make this scape successful

Not forgetting my Beau...tiful wife.. who is currently pregnant, the one who disturbs/nags/ complained /shout /throw things at me whenever i dip my hands into the tank/goes to LFS/ updating this blog..


  1. Hi, may i know how do you start those algae growing from a clean rock ?